Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How did I get this Lucky?!?!?!


       Last December (2011) I was planning to bring a new boy home with me for christmas to meet the parents. After making some adjustments in my love life I had a free ticket available to bring someone back to wisconsin so who else to pick but your best friend! Sarah and I love to live up every morning by sleeping in as long as possible, which lead to missing church that morning (December 18th). So us single ladies on the prowl heading out to late afternoon singles ward expecting to blend in and get out as fast as possible! While we waited for sacrament to start I saw out of the corner of my eye this grungy looking guy, with scruff I found super attractive, walk in the door. As the meeting was going Sarah and I devised a plan to bolt up the aisle and get home fast so we could put on our PJ's and watch chick flicks. The meeting ended and we were half way out the door when some guy stopped us to chat. 

         I knew he was into my bestie Sarah, cause every guy loves the blonde. He was asking where we went to school, same school has him, "BYU-I". Then where did we live? "blah blah apartments". Finally we just smiled and small talked our way out of there! As we were driving home and rocking out to Glee, I got a text by some random number. The text said "Why did you leave already?", which kinda freaked me out. Many texts later I found out my old girls camp leader gave that weird boy from church her phone to text me on! Not only that but he put my number into his phone to get ahold of us. Geez the lengths a boy will do to get my best friends number. So of course we had to Facebook stalk this Matt Pierringer guy!  I kinda felt bad for him working that hard for her. So I set up what I thought would be a cool double date for the next day. I told him as long as he brought someone for me we could work something out. After all our plans fell through us girls just went to the mall instead. 

         Girls out on the town (Mayfair Mall) we were chilling in Forever 21. Then, Matt texted me and asked us what store we were in. Next thing I knew he was walking around the store looking for Sarah. We tried to be nice and entertain him but this guy was so0o0 embarrassing. Ever store we went into he would try to crack jokes and talk to the sales people! Granted he was kinda funny once you got used to his humor. Feeling like a third wheel I wanted to leave so bad, then his friend showed up.  Come to find out his friend was someone who knew me as a baby, of course!!! After we all ate he friend make some excuse to leave, I don't blame him it was kinda awkward. 

       I decided to invite Matt back to my house so he could get Sarah's number or something. On our way home we all decided to stop at the Christmas lights in Waukesha, the kind you drive through. Then we got to my house and I tried to do everything to be a good host. Getting drinks and blankets for movie time!!! I even let Matt pick out the movie! Then he picked one of my favorites, What About Bob, so I though maybe I could handle him dating my best friend. As I was putting the movie on Sarah sat on one LoveSac and Matt sat on the other one across the room. Which didn't make sense to me at all. So awkwardly I sat on the couch waiting to see how this was going to play out. When I got up to press the play button on the DVD player and turned around, Matt was sitting right next to my spot on the couch........and the rest is history!!! 

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